We need to change our lifestyles to become more ethical and nature-connected... based on balance between material progress and spirituality through a positive Karma program.

Life in Balance


towards true perception

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A program designed by 
Shreeguru Dr. Balaji Tambe


The current state of the world is not just the result of the pandemic but an outcome of ill-treatment and dishonour of nature by human beings, corruption and unhealthy lifestyles.

Our lives continue to be increasingly stressful in spite of modernization. Human health and immunity levels are steadily deteriorating. The number of people experiencing depression is on the rise. Happiness and contentment are becoming scarce.

Of course we need material prosperity. But we also need spiritual growth, which enables us to perceive the good of the world. It allows us to develop our identities beyond possessions and achievements, as beings of consciousness. This would lead to overcoming our fears and living lives of greater purpose, in balance with life around us.

Our Vision

Life in Balance


towards true perception

Inspired by Shreeguru Dr. Balaji Tambe’s intuitive vision and research to simplify Vedic knowledge and culture.

To demonstrate results and solutions for lifestyle and well-being using ancient knowledge and scientific Vedic systems.

To perform karma, to overcome insecurities and worries that will help to become independent, fearless, fortunate and a torch bearer for human communities in harmony with nature.

To progress towards health, wealth, contentment and true perception.

Join the Movement

Finally, what can you do to improve your life and the world? What activity can you participate in, along with a large group of like-minded people, and together, make a difference?

The Life in Balance Movement answers this question. It allows us to actually change yourself everyday, as part of normal behaviour and daily routine. 

6 Modules, with 8 activities each, to develop greater health, wealth, satisfaction and attract luck into life.

If you tap Subscribe and Begin below, you will receive Module A by an email. It consists of simple activities that will help stabilize the chaos of current life, steady the mind and form relationships with the environment.

As you imbibe these activities into your natural behaviour, you can choose to unlock further modules. On the way, join our webinars, read the newsletter, be in touch with other participants and maybe even meet with Shreeguru Dr. Balaji Tambe and experience a journey towards true perception!

We invite you to begin the change!

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What People Say!

Dr. Peter Weibel
Chairman and CEO of the ZKM.Centre for Arts and Media, Karlsruhe,since 1999.

"Fear of future is no future. We need a future without fear. Therefore, I support the Balaji També Foundation."

"Shreeguruji’s teachings have enabled me accept my disability and constantly inspired me to maximise my inner potential. With the meditation and yoga practices designed by him, I have built an intuitive approach to life and work and have better comprehended my duty of giving back to the world."

Nidhi Goyal
Global Advisor on Women, United Nations, Executive Director
Founder and Executive director Rising Flame Foundation
Abhijit Pawar
Chairman, AP Globale

"Shreeguru Dr. Balaji Tambe has explained not only the ancient Vedic Sciences and knowledge in simple terms, but more importantly, how to practice and imbibe the teaching in one’s day to day life."

The amazing BENEFITS

Life is a movement. It requires friction between two forces programmed by the Supreme Consciousness. Each force needs to become powerful in turn, so that they can continue to move, one against the other. This leads to an alternating motion between them. There is upward and downward movement of these energies. This is what we experience as breath and the wave-like understanding of life. The human being has the unique brain capacity to enjoy this movement consciously and still maintain a balance. For the same reason, it is also easy to lean towards imbalance because of chaotic ways of life. 

Regulated, coordinated and rhythmic movement allows for creativity and balance. It increases sustainability and potential. It naturally results in a healthy body and longer lifespans. Over time, it inspires a stable society and allows humankind to walk the path of conscious evolution and proceed towards true perception.


Good health and availability of infrastructure will enhance our ability to enjoy work, cultural relationships and social life to the maximum. This will help get rid of greed, envy, hatred, anger, arrogance and duality. It will offer the opportunity to work for the greater self (All) and allow more time for meditation.


Any imbalance in the body or lack of infrastructure needs to be attended to. Once you attain health and wealth by ethical means, by following the Supreme Consciousness, you become independent of them. On achieving contentment, one also becomes free from desires. This is called independence, a state free from any bondages.

At this level, an individual’s attitude transforms and so does their outlook towards life. By transcending the point of view directed by external demands, one can reach true perception. Here, we can live real humanity, without claiming ownership of worldly possessions, without encroaching the rights of others, beyond the information provided by the limited sense organs. One can experience ultimate peace or paramshanti. Thus, we can move from individual perception towards true perception.


Good digestion, stamina, tolerance, immunity, sleep and the ability to enjoy various activities of life is good health. Better health also includes youthfulness, increased reproductive potential and longevity. This leads to a healthy, fearless mind, happiness, love and ultimately increase the health of the inner Praanic force.


An extended part of our physical existence is the infrastructure e.g. farms, factories, cars and other facilities. Physical and mental health, combined with luck, make these amenities available at the appropriate age and time.  This enhance our ability to be charitable and help and support underprivileged individuals. Real wealth is prosperity achieved by earning ethically and after paying the dues of society.